When he can’t get the cream in the cupcake.

When he can’t get the cream in the cupcake.

11th Aug 2022

Premature ejaculation (PE), in laymen’s terms, when he arrives a little early to the party and cums like a bull in a china shop. There is no shame in the early bird special, you just need to know how to manage it.

Some non-pharmacological suggestions –

Arrive dressed for the occasion by making use of our Four Seasons Delay Condom, designed with an enhanced wall thickness, enabling a longer lasting ride.

Practice edging. Edging is the process of stopping oneself right before climax and then gently making your way back up to that big O again. This stop-start technique will help build the sensation whilst instilling a sense of control.

The ‘squeeze’ technique is also a fave. Embrace the penis when you are at the ‘point of no return’, your thumb should be covering the frenulum as well as two forefingers on the opposite side where the glans meet the shaft, and squeeze for a few seconds. This sustained pressure diminishes ejaculatory urgency.

Hush those crickets that surface after his spilt milk and instil love as well as the above in your newfound intimacy kit.