How to choose the right liqueur for south of the waist.

28th Nov 2022

When it comes to lube, some turn their noses up whilst others welcome this potent elixir with open arms. So, what is all the fuss about?

Research suggests that lubricant usage can intensify your pleasure by 80% - that is something to slip and slide for. It also decreases pain for those that experience dyspareunia (painful intercourse).

Which one should I be marinating in?

A water-based lubricant is our personal fave and an ideal condiment for condom and toy use. For women, this would be the liqueur of choice as we don’t want to disrupt the pH balance of the vagina as the vaginal mucosa is pretty precious.

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but an oil-based lubricant does not play fair on our playground as it is not condom compatible and can weaken the condom as well as destroying silicone made sex toys. Something to be mindful of the next time you and your sex kit enter the boudoir.