Why must we get the tick of approval?

8th Sep 2022

Consent. A very un-sexy word for some, but if you want to enter the boudoir whilst leaving your inhibitions at the door, this needs word needs to be thrown around first.

The tick of approval aka consent shows that your lover is in safe hands and vice versa. This sets healthy boundaries between two parties and you are both agreeing to sex and sexual activity. Communication is sexy and fundamental for a good time as this proves to your partner that there is mutual respect.

At the other end of the spectrum and let it be known, consent is not granted when incapacitated by drugs and alcohol, asleep or unconscious, underage, intimidation or by threat. This is non-negotiable.

This also rings true when things accidentally escalate, and one person isn’t quite ready i.e., a good pash does not indicate that sexual intercourse is next on the menu.

We’re not asking you to sound like a broken record, read the room and politely check-in with one another along the way.